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12 Different Types of Kisses and Their Meanings

types of kisses

Kissing has been a common way to express the love and affection shown on a person. This is obvious, each and every person in his life, might have got a kiss or has kissed someone at least once in their life. A kiss is a gift of love which can be given on any place of the body. Does any of you know, how many types of kisses are there and what are their meanings? Believe it or not, there are as many as more than 12 types of kisses are available. It has unique meaning for each and also, we will discuss about the Types of Kisses in this article and also some origins of kisses. Find out some romantic kissing pictures too 😉 😉 😉


Types of Kisses


There are many types of kisses which can be classified based on the origin of the kiss and also the region of placing the kiss. Some of the kisses are explained with pictures below:


1. Forehead Kiss

This type of kiss is usually meant to be found common among friends and closer ones. The kiss signifies the trust and love for each other. It also depends on how the kiss is placed to show the likeness of the person. In common, this kiss is used when new people meet and show their interest and liking of accompanying the other person. However, the origin of this kiss is not known, this is more in use in western countries.

types of kisses - Forehead Kiss


2. The Eskimo Kiss

This is a type of kiss usually the children get from their parents. This is most commonly seen among the toddlers as they look the kiss as a game. The kiss is placed by rubbing the noses with one another which also looks playful. The kiss got its name from the Eskimo people, since they were the one’s who were in practice of such a type of kiss. Small children usually get attracted to this type of kiss.

types of kisses - eskimo kiss - nose kiss


3. French Kiss

The french kiss is the most popular category which is renowned all over the world. It is also considered to be the most romantic kiss of all times. When the tongue of one person touches the tongue of the other person, it is called as the tongue kissing. In other words, these kisses are called as the french kiss. The execution of the kiss is a thin task while mastering the art takes up to several years.

types of kisses - french kiss


4. Single Lip Kiss

The single lip kiss is also considered to be one among the most romantic kisses. This kiss is executed easily by placing your lips on the single lip of your partner and smooth sucking of the single lip of your partner. This is a very easy method to follow since you have to encapsulate one of your partner’s lips between your lips, and have the possibility of making a best impression if kissed properly.

types of kisses - single lip kiss


5. The Hand Kiss

The hand kiss is shown as a symbol of love and respect on a person. The kiss can be given to anyone by firmly holding the hand of the person and placing a kiss by turning the palm, so that the kiss is laid on the back hand. Usually these kisses are given to persons who admire others.

types of kisses - hand kiss


6. Earlobe Kiss

This type of kiss can be more intense and intimate, if kissed properly. The kiss can be placed on the earlobes of the partner by gently holding the earlobe of your partner with your lips and moving it either up or down. The intensity in this kiss gets increased when the earlobes are licked mildly with the help of the tongue.

types of kisses - earlobe kiss


7. Butterfly Kiss

The butterfly kiss is usually done with the fluttering of the eye lashes. The eyelashes of both the persons are kept close to each other. So that they get contacted with each other. Then they can be flattered before proceeding with the lip kiss to represent some fun and love between them.

types of kisses - butterfly kiss


8. The Upside Down Kiss

The upside down kiss is kissed on the lips of the partner where your lips gets engulfed with your partner in such a way. So your lower lip gets contacted with the upper lip of your partner and the upper lip gets in touch with the lower lip of your partner. This type of kiss gained fame in recent days due to the spider-man movie and this kiss is also regarded as the spider-man kiss.

types of kisses - upside down kiss


9. Lingering Lip Kiss

Lingering Lip kiss is a kiss which is placed for a short interval of time is closed mouth kiss and only the lips are involved in the kiss. This kiss is used as a symbol of representing deep love for a person where the tongues does not get involved.

types of kisses - lingering lip kiss


10. Cheek Kiss

This is also a form of closed mouth kiss which is placed on the cheeks of the person to show the love for a person. This kiss is usually exchanged among people who meet a person after a long time or bidding adieu to a person. This kiss is also commonly used among the people who are friends.

types of kisses - cheek kiss


11. The Biting Kiss

The Biting Kiss is similar to the french kiss where the only additional feature in this kiss is the use of the teeth. This kiss is more or less the same method followed in french kiss, where the teeth is used to gently grasp the tongue of the partner and this kiss also shows more intimacy between the couples and lovers.


12. The Neck Kiss

Neck kiss is usually the kiss placed on the neck of the other person and usually this kiss is executed after the couple is done with the french kiss, while some directly start with the neck kiss. The main factor in determining the best kiss is the usage of minimal amount of saliva. Since there is only usage of the lips on the neck you must practice yourself to control the saliva to experience a splendid kiss.

types of kisses - neck kiss