12 Early Signs of Pregnancy

12 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural gift to the female sex. The signs of pregnancy start from earlier weeks of pregnancy. Some women experience giddiness, mood swings, nausea and delicate breasts. It is very much obvious to take care from the early days of pregnancy to preserve the foetus since there are higher chances of miscarriage during the initial phases of pregnancy.

The pregnancy can be tested with the help of many available pregnancy test methods. But you can also be sure of pregnancy if you have one or more of these symptoms listed in this article. You’ll find an understanding on the various significant changes that occur in the women’s body from the time of conception.

Signs Of Pregnancy


1. Swollen Breasts

The initial hormonal changes during pregnancy results in softer and sensitive breasts. Some girls feel that their breasts have become heavy and bigger. Usually the breasts get swollen for the pregnant girl due to the extension of the mammary glands which help to start the production of milk in women. For some girls, the turning of breasts so sensitive and soft is considered to be one of the signs of pregnancy and mostly this is also considered to be the first exposed symptom of pregnancy.


2. Urine Output

The pregnant women will feel increased urine output. Do remember that women who suffer from diabetic problems and are expecting pregnancy may have frequent urination. In such contradictions, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist. The frequent urination during early days of pregnancy may also sometimes be accompanied with blood drops which is normal and there is no need of panic during early weeks. If pregnant lady sees blood drops with urine after 4 weeks then it is recommended to consult a gynecologist since there may be chances of miscarriage.


3. Nausea

Nausea is often noticed to be starting from second or third week of pregnancy. The reason for the nausea is the link of pregnancy hormones with it. Usually pregnant women feel some smells which they haven’t ever bothered in life, now result in nausea. Here, it must be considered that nausea may also be caused due to undigested foods because the digestive system usually works slower than normal during pregnancy days.


4. Tiredness

Tiredness is the prominent early symptom of pregnancy. During the early days of pregnancy, progesterone hormones decrease that cause sleepiness. For most pregnant women, the fluid levels in the body may come down during the pregnancy days which makes them dehydrated. In the initial days, the pregnant women will normally feel tired due to the progesterone hormones which is important for the body to produce insulin which helps to control the blood sugar level. Hence the loss of hormones makes pregnant women very tired and weak and forces them to be at rest most of the times.


5. Likes and Dislikes of Food

A pregnant lady finds herself smelling some recipes of food. The liking and disliking of some food items may also be associated to changes in the hormones. Pregnant women may have some liking towards a particular food and may start consuming in larger amounts. But they must make sure that they digest the food well otherwise it may result in indigestion problems. There may be many foods which pregnant lady may dislike and can remove from her diet plan.


6. Mood Swings

Changes of hormones in the body can result in unusual distressed and psychological sensations. Mood swings are associated with it. It is recommended by consultant doctors that the pregnant ladies must be happy and get rid of anxiety and stress because stress may lead to miscarriage problems. The pregnant women must be psychologically trained to keep themselves happy at most times.


7. Cramping

In some pregnant women, uterine cramping is experienced during the early pregnancy stages. Cramps occur in the uterus and muscles surrounding it. There may be some chances of injuries in the uterine walls. The cramping signs differ from person to person, so it is possible that some pregnant women don’t experience symptoms of cramping.


8. Bleeding

During early stages of pregnancy some pregnant women often experience bleeding from the vagina. It is also known as implantation bleeding. It happens after the attachment of the fertile eggs to the uterine lining. It occurs after two weeks from conception. Moreover, it is usually much gentle than the bleeding that occurs during the menstrual cycle.


9. Constipation

Constipation is usually caused due to the hormonal changes that occur inside the immune of the pregnant women. The hormonal changes results in distressing the metabolic balance in the body and are also known to change the digestive system in the body. It shows that constipation is also the sign of pregnancy which can be noticed at earlier stages.


10. Dizziness

Pregnancy makes the blood carrying veins dilated that results in lowering blood pressure. As a result, the pregnant woman will fell light headedness or dizziness. This is the most common phenomenon which usually happens to around 80% of the pregnant women. This has been one of the most ancient signs which exposed the pregnancy of many women in the early days since there was no improved medical facilities during those days. Hence dizziness is also considered to be one among the early signs of pregnancy.


11. Temperature

The body temperature of pregnant women normally rises in the morning that is a clear sign of pregnancy. It starts increasing on every morning just after the process of ovulation and stays at that stage till the onset of the next period. The rise in temperature continues for approx. 15 days that shows that a woman is pregnant.


12. Menstrual Cycle

If a woman happens to skip a monthly period and feels any of the above symptoms, she must test herself for pregnancy at home for confirmation. If the result of the test shows positive, she must consult a doctor. The sooner a woman makes sure about her pregnancy, the quicker she begins her prenatal care.


Though these symptoms are not enough to confirm pregnancy in a pregnant woman, these can be sure shot signs if it. These symptoms are just for realization of pregnancy by yourself. For testing or making sure you must consult a doctor.

It is to be noted that the signs of pregnancy will totally differ from one women to other women.