6 Ways to Keep Your Skin & Face Oil-free This Summer

6 Ways to Keep Your Skin & Face Oil-free This Summer

Our skin has many shades and varying types as well. While dry skin has its problems in winters, the oily one shines all through the summer. Well, those who have an oily skin understand what is meant by ‘shining’ and would do anything to get that shimmer off their face.

This article will tell you how to skim away the extra grease without layering yourself with face powders or foundations that block your pores and cause more damage in the form of acne breakouts, blackheads and so on. These remedies will help you put the shine when and where it belongs.

1. Wash right

Use lukewarm water to wash your face; it will do a better job of cleaning than cold water. Use a face wash that contains 2% of salicylic acid even if you do not have any acne issues. The specific concentration of salicylic acid is capable enough to remove the excess oil without over-drying your skin, delivering a matte effect. Living in a hot and humid environment, try spraying rose water on your face occasionally, that should do the trick too.  

2. Pamper your skin

Treat yourself to a facial once a week. Whether you are getting it done at a salon or at home, skip the massage part. The primary target of this facial should be exfoliating your skin and using a mask. Go gentle on exfoliating using a mild scrub and then apply a mask. If you opt for a homemade scrub, take a handful of oats, crush them and add aloe vera gel. Apply and let dry for 20 minutes, wash away using a circular motion.

Either apply a clay mask that would extract the dirt and sebum out of the pres at the same time of delivering a pore tightening effect or go for a salicylic containing face mask, both of the methods would temporarily decrease the oil production. If you prefer, mash an apple or banana and mix with little honey, yogurt, and some lemon juice to make an effective face pack for oily skin.

Still not matte enough select an at-home peel containing glycolic or salicylic acid and apply the mask afterward to avoid over drying.

3. Love your  sunblock

We know summers are hot and humid but you cannot let the summer heat prevent you from putting on sunscreen. There is a wide variety of sun blocks available for oily skin such as mineral-based containing micronized zinc or titanium dioxide. Sunblocks with denatured alcohol also prevent the summer shine. Let go of your morning moisturizer and use these options instead.

4. Subtract some make up

Go bare minimum on makeup during the daytime in summers. Instead of foundations, go for a tinted moisturizer, as foundations tend to block your pores. If necessary, go for mineral-based powder foundations that suck up the excess oil and deliver a matte look. Do not apply touch-ups with powder too often, use blotting papers which are available with a touch of translucent powder; they will not create cakey layers on your skin.

5. Watch your diet

What you eat has an impact on your skin. Avoid too much of spice as they dilate the blood vessels, resulting in sebum and oil production. Foods that are high in Vitamin A slow down the oil production. Keep yourself hydrated enough. Include more of fresh salads and less of fried items.

6. Downgrade your nighttime moisturizer

Cleanse and moisturize your skin removing any traces of makeup before going to bed. Lighten your moisturizing strategy at night too; replace cream with lotion and lotion with a serum. Whatever you use, it should contain oil controlling salicylic or glycolic acid, a pore-shrinking system containing caffeine or any anti-inflammatory agent.