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Benefits of Antibacterial Essential Oils

Benefits of Antibacterial Essential Oils

There are many healthy benefits of using these antibacterial essential oils which are going to be discussed below.

1. Fight Bacterial Infections, such as Candida and E. Coli

Essential oils have been known for having antibacterial properties for a very long time. A study was held by using 52 different essential oils against many bacterial strains, included candida, salmonella and staph infections, along with skin infections and pneumonia. Study has shown that Two oils were specifically noted as being most effective were thyme essential oil and vetiver oil. This is the reason that various pharmaceuticals may be looking to plant extracts to play a role in medicine and as preservatives.

2. Combat Staph Infections

Various oils have been studied at the Department of Biological Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University against many staph infections, among them included patchouli oil, tea tree oil, geranium oil, lavender oil and grapefruit seed extract. They were used separately and in form of many mixture to study how much effective they may be in giving antibacterial activity against “three strains of Staphylococcus aureus specifically.” When we used these oils as vapors, the mixture of grapefruit seed extract and geranium oil were proved to be the most effective as antibacterial agents, as was a mixture of geranium and tea tree oil.

3. Help Fight Infections Found in Hospitals

It’s not surprising that few people feel uncomfortable when going to hospitals because of the numerous infections that are found there. Several essential oils were studied against Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which may cause serious problems with infections which may involve soft tissue, bone or implants. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil has showed positive results to fight several bacteria. Actually , these oils have been known in medicinal environments, fight against many strains that have become resistant to other preventive medicines.

Further studies were showed that using other essential oils also proved beneficial, including thyme, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, cinnamon, grapefruit, clove, sandalwood, peppermint, kunzea and sage oil. Among them the most effective were thyme, lemon, lemongrass and cinnamon oil. Anyhow, all oils had considerable antibacterial protection as effective topical treatments.

4. May Battle MARCoNS

MARCoNS is awkward strain of bacteria which is defined as multiple antibiotic-resistant coagulase negative staph. MARCoNS is very challenging and difficult to control because it has this unique and amazing ability to protect itself from treatment, even antibiotics, by forming a protective layer, biofilm.

According to research which was published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, many antimicrobial essential oils were have ability to get rid of bacteria within biofilms much better than authorized antibiotics. The study has tested a few essential oils to see how they could be at killing biofilms formed by “Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PAO1), Pseudomonas putida (KT2440), and Staphylococcus aureus SC-01. P. aeruginosa” which is a bacterium, found in soil, water and animals, giving the perfect pathway into the human body. As biofilms have ability to avoid treatment with antibiotics and may cause serious, even deadly, infections, so there is a need for other safe, beneficial and effective treatments that don’t generate resistance to these dangerous strains. Cinnamon essential have the much-needed antibacterial fighting protection.

5. Stave Off Bacteria While Traveling

Bacteria may enter the body through openings, like the mouth, ears nostrils. You may take them while eating the animal or plant, contains a virus or bacteria. They can be entered through swimming in or drinking bacteria-infected water. These invaders can even enter into the body through the small pores of the skin.

But one of these easiest ways to enter an infection is through the air. You can breathe it in, which may cause the bacteria to the lungs. So, it is very important to cover your mouth during sneezing.

During traveling, especially in airports and train stations, can place you in a highly bacteria-susceptible position. Before travelling we should take some precautions as we have to breathe, I am going to share a tonic that I would like to take the day before and the day of travel. It is made by adding a drop of oregano oil, which is a natural antibiotic that help to fight off invaders as you come into touch with them. Oregano essential oil was used to fight against certain bacterial strains. Results showed that oregano essential oil contained positive bacteria-fighting and antimicrobial effects.

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