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Curry Powder Health Benefits

Curry, a mingle of spices which are mostly used in Indian cuisine, certain variations in composition, depending on area to area and personal choice. Curry powder is actually native to South Asian cuisines and was became popular in the 19th and 20th century in other parts of the world because of its mass exportation as a condiment after that it was discovered by colonial visitors. In the mid-20th century, Indian cuisine became more popular all over the world.

Some of the most usual components in curry include turmeric, fenugreek, coriander, cinnamon and ginger. Mustard seed, cayenne pepper and cardamom are also usually included in curry spice combinations. Many of these components offer considerable potent health benefits.

There are following benefits which are associated with health:

1. Blood Sugar Control

Curry powder is helpful in controlling the blood sugar level as turmeric is one of the main ingredient present in it, may decrease your risk for diabetes, according to Colorado State University. A laboratory animal study has published in the May 2011 problem of the journal “Food and Chemical Toxicology” found that turmeric is a active compound, curcumin, defends sharp spikes in blood sugar and stimulated insulin sensitivity in animals who are fed a high-fat diet. Researchers also investigated that curcumin found similar effects to the diabetes drug rosiglitazone, and resulted the benefits of curcumin may be due, in part, to anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Anticancer Benefits

Ingesting curry powder in your diet on a regular basis may offer cancer-preventive benefits, according to a study which was published in the October 2012 problems of the “Korean Journal of Urology.” Curcumin has the power to inhibit cancer in one of its earliest stages, called the DNA damage response, find researchers. However, curcumin displays promising anticancer benefits, as it is not water soluble, much of what you ingest in curry powder is not absorbed, according to the University of North Texas. Researchers now a day are investing a solution that will permit curcumin to be developed into a natural anticancer drug.

3. Cholesterol Management

Curry powder may assist in lowering cholesterol and defend cholesterol gallstones because of one of its ingredient spices, fenugreek, according to a study that was published in the October 2011 problem of the “International Journal of Experimental Pathology.” In the laboratory animal study, diets consisting of 12 percent fenugreek lessened cholesterol by up to 42 percent and decreased the occurrence of cholesterol gallstones by 75 percent. Fenugreek also decreased oxidation of lipids in the liver by up to 22 percent. Plus, studies will be needed to discuss if these benefits extend to humans.

4. Detoxification

Curry powder that carries coriander may assist in eliminating toxic heavy metals, like lead and mercury from the body, according to Kansas State University. A laboratory animal study was published in the September 2010 “Biological Trace Element Research” discovered that daily ingestion of coriander defended some of the effects of poisoning, including lessen testosterone levels and decrease sperm count. Researchers also found that coriander prevented against oxidative stress from lead exposure, and they asked for extra studies to find the active ingredients in coriander responsible for the observed benefits.

5. Relieves Pain & Inflammation

As turmeric is one of the main component of curry powder, an agent of positive health by lowering inflammation, pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. These anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric actively lower joint inflammation and deterioration, as well as the related pain of disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.


Curry Powder is a tasty and nutritious aspect of a person’s diet, but it also causes a few strong side effects. Curry powder is a popular anti-coagulant, so if you already consume blood thinners, you should contact your doctor to remove any risks of excessive bleeding. Also, research has discovered that curry powder to be an irritant to the gallbladder or to people with suffering gallbladder conditions. It encourages gallbladder contractions, which are safe for people with healthy gallbladders but can be very painful and bad for those with gallstones or obstructed bile ducts.