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DIY Dusting Spray for Cleaning Wood Furniture

DIY Dusting Spray for Cleaning Wood Furniture

Dust is particles which are present everywhere and appears to multiply. It is factual that dust carries frequently lean-to human skin, but it’s much more multifaceted and astonishing than that not in a good way. It can comprise the whole thing from decaying insects and animal fur to more worrying mechanisms like lead, arsenic, and even DDT. It has a system of collecting on furniture, books, and in little concealed places. Dirt equipment is one of those protracted household tasks I can’t position, so I determined long ago to make use of natural homemade cleaners such as this wood furniture cleaner and polish.

I do purchase my cleaners more than I used to, but elderly behavior die stiff and as I have the components on hand previously and it’s so much cheaper than purchasing it I yet construct this timber dusting spray recipe on a ordinary basis.

How to prepare a Natural Furniture Dusting Spray

In penetrating for a spray that would not only dirt free the surfaces of my furniture but also disinfect and support wood, I have to require just a few household ingredients:


Vinegar is one of those omnipresent normal cleaners that can be utilized for the whole thing from hair care to laundry. Still though vinegar is not my first selection of cleaners since of its smell, in this recipe it is the best preference. Vinegar effortlessly cuts from side to side the grime and dust on any surface without desiring to scrub and has disinfecting characteristics that softly deep clean without destructive the finish.

I did discover a devious method approximately the stink with a leftover component I always have on hand of orange skin.

How to Make Infused Vinegar: put the skin of one orange in a glass jar and wrap with vinegar. Let this situate for at smallest amount two weeks. The vinegar will build up a pleasant orange tinge and stink much less like vinegar and more like the effective citrus cleaner it is. If you aren’t admirer of oranges, any citrus will act like grapefruits, lemons, tangerines and many more.

Essential Oils

What should use with vinegar? Well, oil without any doubt.  I decide to utilize lemon and cedarwood essential oils since of their cleaning qualities and their aroma. Cedarwood has a soothing effect for me as I don’t like to dust.  But more prominently has potent antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial abilities therefore it is a vast addition to any cleaner.

Oil adds a polish to the timber at the same time as defending and nourishing it. My go-to oils for this are sunflower oil or fractionated coconut oil. Actually several oil you prefer will act … just keep in mind, if you wouldn’t fry with it don’t utilize it on your furniture!

DIY Wood Dusting Spray Recipe

A straightforward, usual dusting spray appropriate for cleaning and nourishing timber.


You have to need the following ingredients to make this dusting spray recipe;

  • 1 cup of water
  • ½ cup of vinegar (orange-infused for extra cleaning power and scent!)
  • 2 TBSP oil  such as sunflower, grapeseed, fractionated coconut, or olive are my top choices
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops cedarwood essential oil


  1. Transfer water and vinegar into spray bottle.
  2. Pour  oil and all essential oils.
  3. Then cover bottle and shake well.

How to Utilize it

just lightly haze the furniture or a yielding cloth and clean down the complete piece. The dust and grime will fade away and a gorgeous shine will be left behind. For still more shine, you have to try following up with cleaner with a small piece of straight coconut oil.

Note: since this recipe holds oil, I don’t utilize this spray on stainless steel, granite, glass, or walls. I maintain it by the dining room table and the children know to utilize it on the timber furniture for dusting chores.

How to Store and Cautions

Essential oils are strong. An yellowish-brown glass bottle is suggested to maintain the essential oils from harmfulness the bottle. Before use shake well. Not suggested for unfinished wood or fine antiques.

Other Preferred DIY Cleaners

Natural Granite Cleaner – comprises of an ingredient that might seem unusual for a streak-free shine on counters.

Glass Cleaner – No desire for that bright blue, highly fragrant stuff … vinegar + water cuts through dirt and leaves glass streak free.

Bathroom Cleaner– For heavy-duty cleaning (with a little germ-fighting help from the right essential oils).

Toilet Cleaner– Use undiluted white vinegar, pour around the top of the toilet bowl, scrub until clean.