DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner with Lemon and Tea Tree Oil

Makeup brush cleaner

Make up is very essential thing now a day. There are different brushes which we use to apply it on our face. As these brushes are little bit expensive so we should take care of them. You may be surprising that how do you look after of and make germ-free makeup brushes? In accumulation to the health problems that can be caused by bacteria collecting on makeup brushes, unclean brushes can also be caused of less-than-desired results in your makeup purpose. if you want that your makeup brushes remain to last, you have to get free of the climax because it can become the reason of the fibers of the bristles to fade and break.

Today, I am going to share very easy method to clean your make up appliance like brush. It is very reasonable, efficient and natural way to clean makeup brushes. Read on for the instructions very carefully.

Dispense the castile soap and olive oil into a large pot with a tight-fitting lid. Mix together with a spoon. Castile soap is the excellent choice because of its purity and antibacterial properties. This pure plant-based soap is great and safe to use because it does not include any chemicals or preservatives. Olive oil is very beneficial because not only it slackens off the dirt particles, but it assists to keep the bristles of your brushes accustomed.

Now, you have to need to add the essential oils. You can use lemon essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Both these are antibacterial. As Lemon essential oil is a natural antiseptic and keeps those brushes smell fresh. It has also the capacity to wash toxins that may be present. Tea tree essential oil has similar qualities and is one strong antiseptic while still being moderate on your brushes. Mix together all ingredients well.

For protection of your makeup brushes using a new makeup brush cleaner, let’s start it by dipping the hair of your brushes under warm running water, ideally you may use filtered water, if possible, hair facing down. Put a small amount of the homemade makeup brush cleaner in a small dish. Now add about 2 tablespoons of warm water to the dish. Softly twirl the brush in the dish while rasping makeup remains off.  Then, dip under warm running water again, keeping the hair facing down so that the foot of the brush does not get wet as it could slacken off the glue that is holding the hair together.

Now your brush has been cleaned, lightly reshape the bristles to make sure they are obtainable in one direction and use a paper towel to lightly blemish them to help eliminate overload water. Let put them to dry on a clean cloth overnight. I recommend the cleaning of brushes once a week.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner with Lemon and Tea Tree Oil

Total Time

It is very easy to take care of your makeup brushes as it takes only yours 5 minutes.

Serves: 14–16 servings


You have to need following ingredients to make this wonderful cleanser.

  • 1 cup castile soap
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 8 drops lemon essential oil
  • 8 drops tea tree essential oil


  1. First of all put all ingredients in a large pot with a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Mingle well.
  3. Soaked brushes facing down.
  4. Then, put a very little amount of brush cleaner in a small dish with a little warm water.
  5. Twirl brushes in cleaner, smoothly squeezing out surplus dirt.
  6. Dip well.
  7. Hit dry.
  8. Let dry it overnight on a clean cloth.