Early Morning Routine for a Beautiful Skin

Morning is a crucial time out of the twenty-four hour period if it starts well the day ends well. With a boring and dull launch of a day, rest of the day is spent backbreaking and taxing. It is same with your skin care every morning; a few extra minutes in the morning focused on skin makes it ready to face the unsympathetic effects of the environment with a sentinel that lasts the entire day.

Morning skin care routine is important not only for a fresh and bright look but also contributes towards long-term safeguard against the aging process. We know everyone is hard pressed for time in the morning so an effort is made via this article to bring you a time-saving ritual that caters for your skin effectively.

1. Repeat the cleansing ritual

Ok, so you did your night cleansing routine, which clears your skin of impurities and makeup but that does not mean you can relax for an early morning cleanse. A proper early morning wash clears the skin of oil and sebum that collects overnight. This leaves your skin with a fresh feel and more receptive to moisturization creams or serums. It is easier to apply makeup to a clean and clear skin too.

Wake your skin up with a warm then cold-water splash and use a light face wash and a gentle scrub. Many face washes are incorporated with mild scrubbing agents that deliver double the action in less time.

2. Facial mist is a must

Not only do the facial mist deliver an instant hydrated look to your skin; it also rejuvenates your skin for the entire day. For best results, a facial mist should be applied after washing your face and before you apply any moisturizer. Some of the best products come packed with an antioxidant dose as well as a touch of essential oil for a sensation of aromatherapy as lavender or rose extracts, in addition to containing vitamins, serums, and aloe.

Facial mists are great because of their ability to give your skin a sultry look, especially in hot humid environments. They hydrate, balance the pH and enable your makeup strokes to settle down beautifully while adding a glow to your skin. For those looking for an edge, some facial mists are infused with hyaluronic acid or heavy water that is a super ingredient for dry and aging skin. So make it big with a spray or two of facial mist on both time and skin-saving ritual.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize your skin with a serum or a facial cream lightly tinted with color. A huge plus is if your moisturizer contains sun protection, the correct choice of a product not only save your time in the morning hours but also adds its upshots in the long run.

4. Give extra credit to your eyes

Eyes are the most important and sensitive part of your facial features and puffy, swollen, bloodshot eyes speak volumes of the care being conveyed to your skin. If you are in the habit of taking an early morning tea, place the used teabags (cold) on your eyes instead of discarding them. Your late night chamomile teabags would also address the issue wonderfully. Clean clear eyes are better equipped to fight the UV rays, blue rays, and other harmful lights, preserving your eyesight too.

Alternatively, you can use an eye gel or serum if you have invested in these products; place them in the refrigerator for a few minutes before applying. They have an added advantage of preventing fine lines and wrinkles if incorporated with the proper ingredients.

5. Keep your body hydrated

Keeping your overall hydration status updated is crucial to your skin too. Tradition calls for drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning; it not only adds an important dose of water to your thirsting body but also cleanses your gut of all the accumulated digestive juices and waste. This early morning, total body-cleanse with a glass of water, leaves significant outcomes on your skin all through the day.

All of us have individual skin types requiring specific skin products. Despite this fact, the basic ritual remains the same for all types with little modifications around different times and seasons of the year. If you are too short on time, a proper cleanse followed by application of moisturization and sunblock is mandatory to jump start your day.