Easy Nail Art For Short Nails

Easy Nail Art For Short Nails

Nail art is the ‘in’ thing these days, especially for young girls. Being still in the developing years, they might have small nail size or some of them might not have learned good grooming practices as yet. Some have a small nail size by design while others like to keep short nails

However, you will hardly find any girl who does not love well-kept nails and apply the latest in trends. As far as nail art is concerned, it is best managed on long nails with best results. Having said that, it does not mean you cannot apply nail art on short nails. Fortunately, nail art is compatible with every kind of canvas (nail shape and size) or it would not be called an art, now would it.

Do you have an oval, square, almond, round, squoval or any other nail shape? It does not matter, here are some of the best and easy DIY nail art designs for shorter nails, which are time savers too.

1. Graffiti nails

Simple to apply with a gorgeous look, this design can be applied to already painted nails to give them a fresh appearance. Choose a color in contrast to the base polish, for example, black with gold, turquoise with silver. Dip the nailbrush into the contrast polish and wipe off some of it. Apply random strokes on your base color and get a graffiti look.

2. Pinstripes

Pinstripes are not limited to an office gear; apply the idea to your nails too. Choose a white base color and with your nail striper, draw thin lines of contrast color. Try light colors for an aesthetic look.

3. Heart inception

Brimming with love, transfer it to your nails as hearts in different shades of pink. All you need to do is to draw one heart from the other.

4. Ruffian style

Very simple to apply yet it delivers a look that is just too chic. Choose two colors, apply the darker color to entire nail with the second application of the other color is applied in such a way so as to leave a margin at the base and sides of the nail of the former polish.

5. Paint splatter

Splash some nail polish on to already painted nails if you are running short on time or do it all over fresh with two or three contrasting colors of your choice. This pattern is a major time saver, of course, minus the time you will spend cleaning up the splatter thrown elsewhere than your nails.

6. The monochrome look

Monochrome works for every kind of occasion and the best colors for this manicure are black and white. Paint your nails white, draw a crescent on one edge of the nail with black and fill that with black polish.

7. Glitter gradient

A girl without glitter, unimaginable. Paint your nails a light blue, while the polish is still wet; apply some blue glitter with an eyeshadow brush at the tips to give an ombre look. Do not forget to apply a top coat to seal the glitter in place.

You can apply the glitter in a French manicured style apply a black base coat. After it is dry, put some tape on the nail except for the tips. Apply a touch of glitter at the tips, remove the tape and apply a top coat.

Another way to glitter up is applying a nude or peach base polish. Apply gold glitter at the end of the nails and gently swipe it towards the center of the nail. Apply top coat and you are good to go.

8. Lace nail art

Another thing a girl cannot do without is lace so put some lace on your nails. Apply a bright colored nail polish. Let it get dry then with a nail striper, make a lacey pattern with white nail polish and polka dots on alternate nails.