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Easy Steps to Lose Weight While in Teens

Easy steps to lose weight while in teens

Weight loss is a dilemma that appears to affect a majority of individuals worldwide. Different age groups have different factors that contribute to the stubborn weight gain. The account of weight gain in teenagers is entirely different, with diverse causative factors. However, teenagers are lucky to have a healthy metabolic rate and a speedy gut so losing weight is not an arduous job. Unfortunately, many of our young community resort to unhealthy dieting practices when their scale figures show ascending figures, which develop into full-blown physical and psychiatric issues in later years of life.

Here are some practical weight loss strategies for teenagers in the background that they do not have time or keenness to spend hours at the gym or prepare meals specifically designed for the purpose. These principles are easy to adopt for a carefree mindset typically associated with the young years of teenage so that one does not miss out the fun either.


1. Go for fiber

If you ignore fiber because you think elderly around you only require it, you are dead wrong. Fiber can help a healthy gut like of a teenager’s rev up the digestion and metabolism processes in addition to delivering a filling sensation for longer periods. Fiber helps you control your appetite by satisfying the satiety center in your brain. They add bulk to your food intake without adding any extra calories.

Fiber does not mean one has to consume bland and boring vegetables or gulp down odd and grassy flavored green drinks. There are many delicious cereals available in the market, which are sweetened with Stevia as well as they are loaded with a heavy dose of fiber in the form of whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, and raisins.

A variety of fruit bars with whole grains is available for a healthy snack option. They are easy to carry on the go and satisfy your sweet tooth too.

If you are hanging out with friends on a burger joint, go for grilled fish and chicken menus. Omit the burger bun and replace it with cucumbers and tomatoes.


2. Meal skipping and low hydration

A vast majority of teenagers skip their meals, particularly the breakfast. Skipping on meals invite hunger pangs at inconvenient timings, which makes you grab onto unhealthy options. Similarly, keeping low on hydration also adds to uncontrollable cravings.

Taking frequent but small meals, at least 4-5 in twenty-four hour period would balance your blood sugar levels and remove any need for binge eating. Drinking a full glass of simple water would do away with sweet cravings and maintain your hydration levels. It would also replace the calorie-laden soda drinks and flush the toxins from the body. Honey-sweetened green tea is a great alternative to sodas and sugar-laden fruit juices.


3. Forego the late-night snacking

Try not to indulge in late night snacking; try to take your last meal by sunset. It is observed that teenagers often snack late night because of examination stress and we believe you cannot avoid it. However, one can opt for healthy options for such times, eating handful almonds or helping yourself out to some fruit yogurt, Greek or frozen one would not only boost your brainpower but help you avoid extra calories too. Munching on popcorns, unsalted and unbuttered, are a good snack choice for studying late night.


4. Exercise the fun way

We understand that you do not have extra time stashed for a gym workout in your teenage years so spend it dancing with your friends to your favorite tunes. Maximizing your steps as you walk is another great alternative to physical exercise. An escalator is for oldies; take the flight of stairs and try to add speed to burn few extra calories. Enjoy your summers with your friends swimming or cycling.  

During the exam days, do simple squats, side lunges or planks, they will not take your time and deliver super results after an all-day study session.


5. Fad diets are a big NO

Fads diets do give you result, however, not long lasting. You are sure to lose weight but at the same time leave your fat cells craving for calories at the next available opportunity; the low-carb diets are specifically notorious in this regard. Teenage is a very important phase of one’s growth, such fad diets make you vulnerable to serious nutritional deficiencies in the future. Opting for healthy food choices and light yet fun-filled activities would take away the extra chunk of fat with an ease, thanks to the teenage vigor.