How to Get Pink Lips Naturally


In the colors, pink is the synonym for health, ever wonder why? because pink color is associated with a fresh and bright sensation. The pink color is actually a sign of healthy blood supply to the area, be it skin, lips, gums or nails. The skin of our lips is an extension of our facial covering and is one of the most eye-catching features. So if lips are a natural pink color, it gives a face-lift to your facial features.

Lip discoloration affects both the sexes, however; the female gender is more prone to it. As women are more conscious to aesthetic aspects, so they seek to its solution and we have come up with some remedies to make your lips pink or return to their natural color. Let us see the primary factors that may give rise to unattractive discoloration of your lips.

Lip discoloration is said to occur when your lips change their original tone to a darker one and there could be many reasons behind it. These include changes in the body or some environmental factors.

Endogenous factors (within the body)

If you are going through a hormonal change or taking contraceptives, that will affect your lip color. Pregnancy may alter your lip color to a darker shade too. All of these conditions are reversible once the hormones come back to their base levels and you may observe your lips coming back to their original tone.

Women with darker skin tone may also experience a darker shade of their lips. Majority of times, this natural dark tone cannot be improved but can be maintained for better.

Exogenous factors (outside the body)

Factors from outside can affect your lip color; sunlight is the most common reason and discoloration due to this factor is more noticeable during the summer times, which may fade with the season. The condition is more familiar to women with darker skin shades; using sunscreen can help you avoid the situation to much extent.

Some other external factors that lead to lip discoloration are smoking, chewing on tobacco, excessive fluoride in your toothpaste, use of cheap quality cosmetics, lack of mouth hygiene, sleeping with makeup on etc.

Remedies to make your lips pink without lipstick

Here are some inexpensive ways to bring back the original shade of color to your lips.

  1. Primarily, get rid of unhealthy lifestyle habits as smoking and tobacco chewing, if you have a darker skin shade naturally, always use sunscreen while going out especially in the summer heat or spending time on a beach. Keep yourself hydrated would maintain a good supply of blood to your lips, erasing any chapped or dry look.
  2. Adopt a hygienic routine for mouth cleansing including your lips. Do not sleep with your lipstick on at night. Use a good quality lipstick when you have to and use lip balm or simple Vaseline otherwise. Replace your toothpaste if it contains a high content of fluoride with a milder one.
  3. With an ultra-soft toothbrush, lightly scrub your lips at night. This will help remove any dry, chapped portions of skin on your lips making it softer and lighter.
  4. After cleansing and scrubbing, massage your lips with Vaseline or olive oil mixed with lemon juice. This will increase the blood circulation to your lips. Lemon juice has excellent bleaching properties and it can help get rid of any superficial discoloration while olive oil moisturize the lips, making them softer.
  5. You must know cucumber slices are an effective remedy for dark circles under your eyes, cucumber juice is also said to remove lip discoloration. Rubbing a slice of freshly cut cucumber can lighten your lip color with time.
  6. Applying crushed rose petals, of course from red roses, in combination with olive oil or glycerin would not only make your lips softer but lips would retain some of the natural colors of the petals. This remedy is quite effective in women with slightly darker shades; women who have a fair complexion do not need to put lipstick on with this remedy.
  7. Another homemade remedy for making your lips pink is mixing a teaspoon of yogurt, with a dollop of honey and a piece of ripe mashed banana and applying it to your lips.