How to Do A Pedicure At Home in Easy Steps

Pedicure At Home

Trail our direction to Pedicure At Home to obtain your feet give the impression of being Pedicure ideal without going to a salon. Provide pedicure to your feet at home at your handiness to improve your overall beauty and personality. Expand a little time in doing at home pedicure and you will acquire your feet looking pretty and eye-catching in no time.

At Home Pedicure Tools And Supplies

You have to require the following supplies and tools for your Pedicure at home:

  1. Nail Clippers, Nail File or Emery Board, Nail Polish Remover, Cuticle oil or cream or baby oil, Cuticle Stick / Pusher, Cotton Pads, Nail Polish
  2. Basin for soaking wet your feet, towels for drying your feet.
  3. An exfoliating scrub, Foot file, pumice stone
  4. Foot moisturizer (optional)

1. Remove existing nail polish 

Stroke your feet nails with some cotton curved in nail polish remover to take away old nail polish. The nail polish removers that are actually alcohol and acetone free are fewer drying, but they don’t labor well especially on dark shades. Make use of these on lighter nail polish shades only.

2. Feet Soaking  

Fill up a basin with an adequate amount of warm water to cover your feet up to ankles and add:

  1. Epson salt half cup. This acts as a balm and calms inflammations, reduces roughness and simplicity muscle pain. If it is not available, you can make use of any other bath salts.
  2. Juice of one lemon.
  3. A small number of drops of a Foot wash of your option. Alternatively, you can make use of liquid hand wash or shampoo as per your preference.
  4. Essential oils as per your likings. Best selections are Lavender or Eucalyptus. Lavender relaxes and rejuvenates the skin and helps out easiness the nerves. However, eucalyptus reduces your aching feet. It also acts as a disinfectant and antiseptic.
  5. Pitch in few small pebbles into the basin and put your feet over them. This acts as an outstanding massage.
  6. Pull up a chair along the side of the basin and sit in an at ease position at the same time as soaking your feet for 10-20 minutes, as per your requirements and liking. Dry your feet with a towel afterward.

3. Trimming and Filing your nails

Make use of high-quality clippers prepared for clipping toenails. Make it certain to slash toenails immediately across just on top of the skin so that your nails should not make bigger over the tips of your toes. make use of at least three slashes on each nail, as clipping the complete nail in one go may guide to cutting too close to the skin. Do not slash corners too much to keep away from painful ingrown nails. Make use of an emery board or nail file and file your nails in one way, awaiting they are still and slightly rounded at the corners. Keep away from using metal files, as they can rip your nails. Make use of the fine grade surface for smoothing the nails and the coarser exterior for shaping the nails.

4. Exfoliating and Taking care of your cuticles

  1. Massage in a small bit of cuticle cream on the base of each toenail. Depart it there for a small number of minutes.
  2. In the intervening time get rid of the dead skin cells with a pumice stone or a dry foot file. If you do not eradicate dead skin cells, they will become solid and thick and may be infected and cracked afterward. Rub your ankles also.
  3. Ensure to rub the heel and balls of the feet, sides of your heel and around your toes. Keep away from scraping too hard. Discontinue if your foot turns red. rough skin is there for a reason.
  4. At the present wipe off the cuticle cream and smoothly push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Careful, rounded cuticles will provide your feet a pretty look.
  5. If desired, make use of an old toothbrush to clean your toes and under your toenails.

5. Moisturizing

  1. Later than you finish with rubbing, clean your feet clean, dry them methodically counting between the toes and rub a thick moisturizer or foot cream on your feet, top and bottom, counting your heels and cuticles.
  2. You can make use of any moisturizer of your option. Even if you have bought a face cream and afterward you discover it too heavy for use on your face, you can make use of it for your feet.

6. Polishing Toe Nails

  1. Clean surplus oils on the toenails with cotton covered with water in polish remover.
  2. If you desire it simple, just apply a coat of clear polish.
  3. If you be fond of the color, then primary apply a thin base coat. Make use of three strokes. Once down the middle than on each side. Ensure not to paint cuticles.
  4. Stay for the base coat to dry out then make use of two coats of nail polish of your option. Let the primary coat dry before you apply the second coat. This will put together your nail polish last longer.
  5. Come to an end with a thin top coat, clear nail polish (optional).
  6. Spotless any slip-ups of the polish with cuticle glue wrapped in cotton and dipped in polish remover.

You are now prepared to wear your preferred stylish footwear showing your pretty anklet, toe rings or what on earth you fancy.

Natural Beauty Tips about how to give a home pedicure

  1. If your toenails are yellow, immerse them in lemon juice for ten minutes then clean.
  2. Use clear nail polish after every two days and moisturize daily to construct your pedicure last longer.
  3. Think to apply some cute glitter to construct your toenails look beautiful.
  4. If you have fractures, massage some Vaseline on your feet and wear loose cotton socks over-night. You will become aware of the difference in few days.
  5. Home-made massage oil for your feet: combine one tsp each of Almond and Olive oil with 10 drops of any essential oil of your option.


  1. Be cautious not to cut or clip your cuticles, as it can lead to infection.
  2. Formulate it a point to cut your toenails straight to stay away from painful ingrown toenails.

Go after the above tips to provide you pedicure at your convenience and demonstrate case proudly your perfectly at home pedicured pretty feet.