How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Treatment

Olive Oil Conditioner Hair Treatment

People have been using olive oil as a hair conditioner for thousands of years for medicating dry, fragile hair. The users declare that it gives shine, body, softness, and flexibility to the hair. This appears to be true, as the Mediterranean women have been using olive oil as a hair handling since centuries.

Olive oil holds natural emollients like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene, which are why this oil has softening properties. Furthermore, this hale and hearty oil is chockfull of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids that can support your hair beam and scalp and which may offer you softer, smoother and healthier-looking hair.

How to Use Olive Oil as A Hair Conditioner

This DIY method olive oil hair conditioning will obtain about an hour and you’ll be pleased with the results. The modus operandi is much uncomplicated – simply insert the oil to your hair after shampooing and then bathe it out. Understand on for step-by-step recipe.

(i) Measure: How much olive oil you should use depends on how deeply you want to moisturize and where. For instance you won’t need more than a tablespoon for submitting an application on the ends of your hair. And if you aspire to take care of your whole head, you will require perhaps a quarter cup. And if you are using the olive oil on your hair first time, use now a tablespoon or two for your first action.

(ii) Shampoo your hair and bathe and let air-dry in anticipation of slightly damp.

(iii) Acquire several virgin olive oil into your palm; massage your hands together coating your whole palms and fingers with the olive oil.

(iv) Massage the oil into your hair for a hardly few minutes. If you have long hair, clutch a small part of hair and put your oiled palms together in a ‘prayer’ fashion and slide the segment of hair between your palms. This wills wool the hair shafts with oil. Do again until all your hair is coated in oil. You can also massage it on to your scalp if you have dry scalp.

(v) For the majority successful conditioning, enfold your hair and cover your head in a shower cap and let the oil immerse in for about an hour or more.

(vi) Rinse: clean out the oil. You may have to shampoo your hair to get rid of any surplus oil from your hair. It depends on the situation of your hair and how much you’ve used. If your hair tends to give the impression of being a little greasy and oily after the oil treatment, you will require to shampoo to facilitate do away with the overload oil.

Caution: Olive oil is inclined to consider down thinner hair. Oily hair and scalps simply don’t require the conditioning.

How Often Should You Use Olive Oil for Hair Treatment?

If you have in good health, hobble hair you may discover that your hair is more prone to becoming greasy when applying the oil, so you won’t have to be relevant too much oil or leave it in for shorter durations. On the other hand, dehydrated, crude, thick hair may require keeping the oil in for a longer period for a deeper, extra intensive moisturizing cure.

Another determining feature is what and how much products you make use of on your hair. The extra products you utilize, more the residues increase will be there so your hair will require more recurrent shampooing and conditioning.

As everyone’s hair is dissimilar, so it’s only you who can come to a decision when it is occasion for your hair to acquire another olive oil hair treatment.

The basis to getting best results is learning how much oil your hair in point of fact requires in order for it to become more moisturized.

Tip: a great deal processed hair such as hair that’s been take care of with relaxers, perms, or bleach particularly advantage from extra moisture. If you’re applying olive oil on bleached hair, examination a strand to ensure the oil doesn’t leave a copy of its green shade behind.

How to Choose the Best Olive Oil for Hair Treatment?

The most excellent types of oils to make use of are extra virgin olive oils. Go for the cold pressed additional virgin type of oil. To get ready this variety of oil, the olives are cold pressed to dig out the oil so there’s no disclosure to chemicals or heat. So all the goodness of olives is retained.

Wrap Up: Olive oil is most useful for dry, bulky hair. Using olive oil as a hair conditioner is one of the most excellent methods to naturally moisturize and promote your hair. This can be a healthy option to putting man-made chemicals and products in your hair and scalp.