How You Can Plump Your Lips Naturally

Give your lips a full, plump look naturally

The fashion world decides for a change and the next thing you know; full lips and a pouted look are in. Good for the ones with natural bigger lips but what about the ones with slim lip outline; not everyone can afford an aesthetic procedure. Even if you can meet the expense of it, surgical procedures are not the preferred options for many of us. Mostly there are just too many horror stories about gone wrong procedures, post-op infections and not getting the desired look etc.

Luckily, we have some expert advice from makeup industry for a fuller, more-defined appearance of lips with as little effort as possible, so read on.

1. Apply a balm as base

A hydrating balm applied to your lips extract moisture to your lips from the surrounding tissue. Select the ones with naturally infused peppermint or cinnamon oil; they are excellent in boosting the local blood supply to lips thus naturally uplifting the lip tissues. Allow the balm to soak in your lips before going any step further.

2. Brush your lips

Brushing your lips after they are softened removes dead cells and makes them smoother and softer. Smooth lips reflect light more brightly, it is a simple scientific rule. Wet your toothbrush and buff away your lips with gentle strokes. The simple act also enhances the blood circulation, adding shine and color to lips naturally.

3. Use a primer or foundation

Using a primer or foundation on the lips provides a base to your lips that maintains the look for at least 24-hours. Simply extend the application of foundation you are using for your face to your lips would do the job. It would help keep up the lip outline and make the lipstick appear smooth.

4. Enhance your upper lips

You can start enhancing your upper lip by making the Cupid’s bow more pronounced. The slight dip in the middle of your upper lip is the Cupid’s blow, which can deliver a huge role in making your lips fuller naturally. By making use of the light and reflection technology, you can enhance the appearance of your lips in a natural and graceful way. Dab a little highlighter on the spot and get an instant bigger look of your lips.

5. Craft an outline

If you have never used a lip liner, now is the time to invest in some good quality lip liners. The trick of outlining your lips with lip liners lie in the shades, make a wrong choice there and the whole look is gone. Select a liner that is a shade or two darker than your original lip color and make a thick enough outline with it. Extend the application of the liner a little into the lips too; this will give a rich deliverance of the shade, making your lips highlighted to their fullest.

6. Select lighter shades

With darker outlines, a lighter shade of lipstick is in. Blend it with the outline created with the lip liner. Most of the time, nude or pale pink colored lipsticks make your lips more prominent. If you think pales will not do the trick with your skin tone, select a lighter shade of your selected color.

7. Add a gloss

Shimmer lipsticks and lip-glosses are in for the same reasons; they enhance the laws of light reflection. To make your lips fuller and bigger, the strategic application of lip-gloss at the right spot is important. Apply your shimmery gloss in the middle of your bottom lips for highlighting the overall look.

8. Add a little plump

Help your lips attain a fuller, bigger and plump look by taking an assist from lip-plumping products and ingredients that are available in the market. These are incorporated in your lip-glosses and balms, that deliver a temporary boost to the volume of your lips that would last you at least an entire get-together.

9. Some other additives

We have mentioned peppermint oil and cinnamon as regards to their role in delivering nutrients and hydration in the form of increased blood supply. Some other home-based remedies are;

  • Exfoliate your lips with sugar and coconut oil
  • Apply a mixture of cinnamon and olive oil will naturally tingle your lips, keeping them soft, tender and full