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Low Carb Desserts – A Healthy Indulgence

The worst test of a low carb diet is to cut back on the dessert menu especially if you are a saccharine lover. Whether you are adopting a low carb diet for health reasons or to lose some weight, you are obviously expected to trim down the number of food items containing processed sugars and the first to go would be any sugary treats.

To ease the psychological pressure exerted by the sweet tooth, enlisted are some healthy low carb dessert choices that do not compromise the flavor and are easy to make too. There is no need to give up on the best deal of a meal, make one of these comforting recipes to cheer you up.

1. No-bake banana cheesecake

No-bake banana cheesecake

A no-bake version of the banana cake, this recipe provides a healthier alternative to graham crackers with almond meal as the base. Easy to make for a large gathering, you can enjoy it with your friends on a weekend and save some for a late night snack too. The best thing is that you can put your favorite low carb berries as strawberries instead of bananas or use a banana extract instead. Top it with nuts or any low carb chocolate or caramel drizzle and off you go.

2. Blueberry scones

Blueberry scones

Made out of fresh and easily available ingredients, the blueberry scones are one of the best tea-treats. The scones are made out of coconut shreds and almond flour while blueberries add a touch of clean, fresh sweet flavor.

3. Chocolate lasagna

Omitting the processed ingredients, this chocolate lasagna is the correct version of a regular recipe. Replacing the cookies and cool whip, this recipe calls for an inclusion of almond flour, coconut shreds, and homemade whipped cream to deliver a low carb sweet delight. It can be prepared in a large batch to treat your friends in no time. Cream cheese and homemade pudding add a touch of originality and dark chocolate adds a class, making it gluten free at the same time.

4. Strawberry frozen yogurt

Strawberry frozen yogurt

Summers are ahead and strawberries are in, why not make a healthy delight in advance. Indulge in the freshness of fruits without going for expensive versions, any time of the day. This five-minute healthy treat requires only four ingredients and if you are wondering about an ice-cream machine, do not fret because a blend is all that it takes to mix frozen strawberries, yogurt, honey and a little lemon. Serve immediately or freeze for later use. Make different versions of this yogurt with seasonal fruits and enjoy your summer.

5. Flourless cookies

Flourless cookies

If you are avid cookie enthusiast and you need to have a bite or two with the afternoon tea, make a batch of flourless cookies. Substitute plain flour with almond or any other flour of your preference, with almond butter and chocolate chips. Some of the recipes may require corn flour, replace it with arrowroot powder instead.

6. Gooey skillet brownie

Gooey skillet brownie

Craving for a lava cake or brownie with ice cream at the restaurant, get back home and make the skillet version. Quick and easy to make, these brownies are low carb and sugar-free, these skillet brownies are to drool over. Ready in less than 20-minutes, swap the flour with almond flour and butter with avocado oil; you can add chocolate chips for extra lavishness. Of course, some granulated sugar in the form of artificial sweetener would make these brownies chewy as the original ones.

7. Salted caramel custard

Salted caramel custard

This homemade adaptation of custard would add a dose of egg proteins that you can enjoy with homemade ice cream. Couple it with homemade caramel sauce and spoil yourself with this creamy enchantment of a dessert.

8. Coffee ricotta mousse

Coffee ricotta mousse

Incorporate coffee, ricotta cheese and whipped cream for an ultimate caffeine experience without any added sugar. Use artificial sweetener or honey if you desire or pair it with fruit or a little homemade ice cream.

9. Walnut keto fudge

Walnut keto fudge

Integrating the crunch of walnuts and richness of chocolate, these keto bars take only ten minutes to prepare and deliver a gluten free experience. These can be prepared in advance for a midnight treat or a powerful snack at the workplace.