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Mandarin Essential Oil Improves Skin + Even Helps Combat Cancer

Mandarin Essential Oil

If we look in the back thousands of years to conventional Chinese medicine, mandarin is acknowledged to be the sweetest and the most calming of all citrus oils. Mandarin essential oil is very soft and well-known for many medicinal properties. For example, mandarin essential oil is functional in helping to lessen acne, lighten the skin, ease insomnia, decrease oily skin, reduce the appearance of scars and age spots and diminish stress and wrinkles.

The health associated benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil can be ascribed to its qualities as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, circulatory, cytophylactic, depurative, digestive, hepatic, nervous relaxant, sedative, stomachic, and tonic material.

It clasp yet more therapeutic properties, such as serving with gut problems like leaky gut syndrome, acting an antiseptic, motivating the lymphatic system and even ease gas.

Mandarin Essential Oil History and Interesting Facts

Mandarins are wonder citrus fruits which are also identified as Mandarin oranges or Tangerines. Nevertheless, there is a small difference. Mandarins are yellow in color and come with pips, while tangerines are orange in color and come without pips. Therefore, mandarin essential oil is also called tangerine essential oil. The botanical name of both of these plants is Citrus reticulata, which illustrates that they are same. As the name recommends, mandarin plants are local to China. From there, they spread to Europe and now Italy is one of the biggest manufacturers of Mandarin Oil.

Mandarin can be useful when mixed with lots of other floral smells, including rose, jasmine, chamomile and geranium. in addition, it’s amazing when mixed with other citrus oils, like bergamot, grapefruit and lemon, and generates a exclusive aroma when mixed with spicy scents, such as clove and black pepper.

The mandarin tree may reach to a height of 25 feet with and bigger width. The tree carries thorns and has slim twigs. The leaves are narrow in size and oval-shaped, tapering to a point at each end, and have tiny, rounded teeth and narrowly winged stalks.
The essential oil is taken out by cold compression of the fresh peels of these fruits which carries alpha-thujone, alpha pinene, beta pinene, camphene, citral, citronellal, gamma terpinolene, geranial, geraniol, limonene, linalool, methyl anthranilate, myrcene, nerol, sabinene, and terpineol. Mandarins have a particular position in Chinese culture as they were given as gifts to the Mandarins, the name given to Chinese officials under the king.

Health Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

To one side being used as a savor agent in the food and beverage, cosmetics, soap, oil, and scent industries, on the other side this oil has a variety of effective medicinal uses as well. Let’s discuss more about those health profits below.

1. Reduce Acne, Stretch Marks and Scars

Mandarin oil has the potent ability to assist with acne, widen marks and scars. As it’s mild, mandarin characteristically does not annoy your skin. It has the capacity to facilitate prevent infection of aggravated skin by defending against bacterial and fungal development. If you’re going to use it for  reducing the emergence of scars, you just need to apply the oil mixed with a carrier oil directly onto the scar and can try a carrier oil, like one drop lavender, one drop mandarin and one drop neroli with a little almond oil.

2. Lessen Pain, nervousness and Nausea through Aromatherapy

Mandarin essential oil may be known as one of the best essential oils for nervousness and nausea. A study was published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine which observed the use and usefulness of essential oil remedial involvements on pain, nausea and anxiety when it is given by nurses to patients in acute hospital settings across a huge health system. Ten Allina Health hospitals which were situated in Minnesota and western Wisconsin did a study by using the liberation of aromatherapy within their facilities.

The result was great, presenting a change in patient-reported pain, nervousness and nausea. There were 10,262 hospital admissions during the study time frame in which nurses given aromatherapy as a part of their patient care. There were a number of oils used, and at the same time as each had its potency, the generally outcome was positive presenting that mandarin essential oil gave improvements to the patients. Consequently if you’re looking to alleviate nausea through aromatherapy treatment, then you should try mandarin oil.

3. Alleviate Pain

Many studies have been carried out to illustrate that the oils from natural plants, such as mandarin essential oil, are basis of molecules that may build up new analgesics and offer benefits when used to fight or decrease pain. There were conspicuous characteristics, such as a strong effect and tickly because of their possible role in the central nervous system.

In this study it was found that, mandarin essential oil was attained and then purified. The sanitized mandarin was found to be analogous to another kind of known molecule that is able of inhibting pain. The terpenes, which are compounds found in mandarin essential oil, may be used to produce analgesics in human therapy against pain.

4. Shelter Food from Bacteria

Mandarin essential oil carries antimicrobial activity. Studies were done to assess the special effects against Listeria innocua (a bacterium) and the effect on color and surface of green bean samples. In this study, a special activity has been examined “bioactive coating formulation based on customized chitosan containing 0.05% nanoemulsion of mandarin essential oil was experienced in mixture with γ-irradiation, UV-C and ozonated water treatments, and the consequences in terms of antimicrobial activity, color and surface alters, were assessed during 14 days storage.”

This treatment has showed positive consequences in microbial lessening. It also assisted to prevent the loss of inflexibility and color modification of foods during storage, which may give way to a healthier substitute for food preservation, according to the conclusion, published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

5. Assist Combat Cancer

The sound effects of the essential oil of mandarin peel and limonene were considered on two human tumor cell development lines. Both mandarin essential oil and limonene have a chemical that was found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants, were experienced showing the inhibition of tumor development of these cell lines. This could direct to the growth of anti-tumor agents and the treatment of cancer through alternative medicine. 

6. Works as Tonic

Mandarin essential oil tones up overall health and enhances the function of the immune system. Being a tonic, it facilitates in the development and appropriate functioning of the body by toning up all the organic systems functioning in it, including the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory, neurotic, excretory, nervous, and endocrine systems. It also enhances the overall immune system of the body.

Mandarin Essential Oil vs. Tangerine Essential Oil

Though people often think that mandarin and tangerine essential oil are same but interchangeably they are a bit different. Nevertheless, they have many of the similar qualities, which build a ton of sense once you read the following:

  • Mandarin and tangerine are citrus fruits invented in Southeast China.

  • Tangerine is in fact a type of mandarin.

  • They taste very analogous.

  • Mandarin oil is often known to as tangerine oil.

  • They develop on trees that look very parallel. 

  • Tangerine is shady in skin color, being reddish orange.

  • Mandarins have a lighter orange color.

  • Tangerine has a thicker skin with bumps.

  • Mandarin has thin skin that is flat and thinner and is easier to peel.

  • Both are members of same citrus fruit family, Rutaceae.

  • Mandarin, although it refers to a Chinese language, but actually is not a Chinese word. 

  • Tangerine comes from the port of Tangiers in Morocco.

How to Pair Mandarin Essential Oil with Other Oils

We now come to know that mandarin essential oil is amazing medication properties for acne, scars and stretch marks. Earlier than we go to know some famous recipe which I have created for you, let’s learn a little about where mandarin oil position in the world of essential oils. 

Oils, by themselves, are classified as a top, middle or base note. While every oil naturally has components of each, it can be classified as meticulous note in which it is more foremost. Bergamot oil is recognized as a top note while mandarin is identified as a middle note; frankincense is a base note, not to be puzzled with base carrier oil. When combination, it’s most excellent to choose oils from each category so you have a wonderful aroma.

Also, as middle note oil, it does not fade away as rapidly as top notes and places it at the center focus of a mixture. In addition to mandarin, marjoram, rosemary, neroli and ginger are measured middle note essential oils. Not all oils works fine together, though. There is an art to coupling the right oils.

Mandarin Essential Oil Recipes

Today, I am going to share an amazing recipe of DIY Mandarin and Rosehip Oil Stretch Mark, Acne and Scar Serum which is very beneficial for many skin disorders.


Following ingredients you have to need to make this amazing serum

  • 10 drops mandarin essential oil

  • 6 drops frankincense essential oil 

  • 6 drops tea tree oil
  • 3 drops bergamot oil

  • 1 ounce rosehip oil

  • 2 ounces jojoba oil

  • A small glass pump bottle (4- to 6-ounce bottle)


  1. Let’s begin by mixing all essential oils apart from rosehip and jojoba straight into the bottle.
  2. Then add the rosehip and jojoba oils.

  3. Then Shake it well until all is blended. 

  4. Massage a few pumps into the skin in the affected area twice daily. 

  5. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 

Mandarin Essential Oil Risks

Mandarin essential oil is gentle and comes into view safe and non-toxic oil. On the other hand, if you’re pregnant, epileptic, has liver damage, cancer or any other medical difficulty, then you have to make sure you use oils under the appropriate guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner and check with your doctor.

It’s forever most excellent to implement caution when using with children or the elderly. Be careful if you are going to be in the sun. Mandarin oil can increase the risk of sun damage to the skin.