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Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Benefits

Chamomile is one of the most earliest medicinal herbs acknowledged to mankind. Many diverse preparations of chamomile have been developed over the years, and the most admired is in the type of herbal tea, with more than 1 million cups addicted per day. But numerous people don’t know that Roman chamomile essential oil is yet more valuable than tea and just as easy to use.

There are numerous chamomile essential oil benefits, including its capacity to cool the mind, ease digestive issues, extravagance skin conditions, and lessen inflammation and more.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil History and Facts

Chamomile is one of the ancient, most extensively used and well-known as medicinal plants in the world and has been suggested for a range of therapeutic applications. Chamomile plants belong to the Asteraceae/Compositae family. There are two common form of chamomile used medicinally these days: German chamomile (chamomillarecutita) and Roman chamomile (chamaemelumnobile).

Roman chamomile essential oil is obtained from the plant’s flowers. This has a sweet, bright, apple-like and fruity scent. After distillation, the oil has variety of colors from sparkling blue to profound green when fresh but changes to dark yellow after storage. As the color vanishing, the oil does not drop its power. 

Roughly 120 secondary metabolites have been recognized in chamomile, counting 28 terpenoids and 36 flavonoids. Roman chamomile essential oil is primarily constituted from esters of angelic acid and tiglic acid, furthermore, farnesene and a-pinene, which have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic qualities.

In the present day, it’s usually used in the natural healing of nervous system problems, eczema, fever, heartburn, gout, anxiety and insomnia.

Although it’s known as “Roman” chamomile, its history as a renowned and extensively used herb extends far away from earliest Rome. Hieroglyphic accounts demonstrate that chamomile was used cosmetically for at least 2,000 years. Greek doctors used it for fevers and female diseases.

Chamomile was first cultured in bulky quantities to be sold around the 16th century. Romans used chamomile to taste drinks and make you seethe, as well as a therapeutic herb to fight sickness and support longevity. Its medicinal qualities stretch throughout Europe, and ultimately the British brought chamomile plants to North America.

Several Proven Benefits of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

You can find an astonishing number of health profits in essential oils; chamomile oil is one of the most excellent ways to get better your overall health.

    • Eradicate toxic agents
    • Provide prevention against infection
    • Decrease depression
    • Decrease anger
    • Improves digestion
    • Treats rheumatisms
    • Skin care
    • Reduce pain
    • Remove excess gases
    • Boost nervous system
    • Tones the body
    • Supply as a Natural Allergy Reliever
    • Reduces Symptoms of Insomnia
    • Promotes Heart Health
    • Displays Anticancer Activity



1. Eradicate Toxic Agents

According to research, both types of chamomile oil persuade profuse perspiration, which facilitate to eradicate toxins and agents that may cause infections while at the same time cooling down the body and effectively given that relief from fever, thus helping as a febrifuge.

2. Provide prevention against Infections

Both types have very excellent antibacterial and antibiotic properties which do not let biotic infections expand, which begin due to bacteria and fungi. They also remove infections that are previously present. These are very good vermifuge agents as well, which destroy all sorts of intestinal worms. If it is applied to the hair, it destroys lice and mites, care the hair and scalp free from infections and harm. 

3. Decrease Depression

Both types have been known to be very useful in fighting depression. They remove feelings of unhappiness, depression, dissatisfaction, and lethargy while bring to mind a type of happy or exciting feeling. Even inhaling the smell of these oils can aid a lot in overcoming depression and bringing about a good mood.

4. Decreases Anger

Roman chamomile is useful in soothing irritation, anger, and frustration, mainly in small children, while German chamomile is efficient on adults in curative soreness, predominantly when it is situated in the digestive or urinary system. Both types diminish blood pressure and curtail the swelling of blood vessels as well.

5. Improves Digestion

Being a stomachic, they pitch up the stomach and make sure its appropriate function. They also encourage the secretion of digestive juices into the stomach and make easy digestion. Being hepatic, they make sure a good liver health and the appropriate run of bile from it. They are also measured cholagogues, meaning that they boost the secretion of hydrochloric acid, bile, and enzymes in the stomach, thereby encourage digestion.

6. Treats Rheumatism

They treat dysfunctions of the circulatory system, motivate circulation and remove toxicity the blood like uric acid. Thus they assist to heal ailments like rheumatism and arthritis, which are caused due to inappropriate circulation and gathering of uric acid. These capabilities classify them as good antiphlogistics, agents which lessen inflammation and edema.

7. Skin Care

It is much admired in the world of makeup, since they lessen the scars, marks, and acne on the skin and on the face, building them a cicatrizant. They also defend wounds, cuts, and bruises from fetching infected, consequently also helping as a vulnerary.

8. Reduces Pain

Roman chamomile essential oil has analgesic properties, which successfully lessen pain in the muscles and joints. It also lessens the harshness of annoyance, sinuses, toothaches, and bone injuries. It is also very useful in reducing the severe pain of neuralgia by contracting the blood vessels that border the ninth cranial nerve and ease the pressure.

9. Removes Excess Gas

It is very good at driving out gas from the intestines and stomach while also shortening additional gas configuration. This also assists to calm down the body and lesser blood pressure. What is yet more significant is that the outcomes of the oil also remove the severe risks of surplus gas, such as the entrapping of gas in the windpipe, which can still be deadly.

10. Boosts Nervous System

Roman chamomile essential oil provides soothes approximately all nervous disorders or hyper-reactions which are consequences in seizures, spasms, nervousness, and thrashing of control over limbs. They are nervine, meaning they maintain the nerves and the nervous system in a condition of good health and appropriate functioning.

11. Tones the Body

Roman chamomile essential oil is tonic in nature, meaning that they tone up the skin, muscles, and internal organs.

12. Supply as a Natural Allergy Reliever

Roman chamomile contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and it’s frequently used for hay fever. It has the authority to ease mucus congestion, frustration, inflammation and skin conditions that are connected with recurring allergy symptoms. When it is applied topically, Roman chamomile oil assists to relieve skin frustration that may be due to food allergies or sensitivities.

13. Lessens Symptoms of Insomnia

The soothing properties of Roman chamomile support healthy sleep and fight insomnia. In 2006 a study was conducted to explore the inhalation effects of Roman chamomile essential oil on mood and sleep. The consequences found the volunteers practiced more drowsiness and calmness, representing its potential to get better sleep and assist enter a restful state. Inhalation of chamomile decreases a stress-induced enlarges in plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone levels.

14. Promotes Heart Health

Roman chamomile supplies cardiovascular safety because of its high levels of flavonoids, which have been exposed to extensively decrease death from coronary heart disease when taken internally. Due to the presence of the flavonoids in Roman chamomile essential oil, it may decrease blood pressure and has a soothing effect on the heart.

15. Displays Anticancer Activity

Studies calculating chamomile on preclinical representation of skin, prostate, breast and ovarian cancer have revealed promising growth inhibitory consequences. In a 2007 study which was conducted at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, chamomile extorts were exposed to cause negligible growth inhibitory effects on normal cells but noteworthy decrease in cell viability in various human cancer cell lines. Chamomile experience induced apoptosis in cancer cells but not in normal cells at same doses. The studies symbolize the first reported demonstration of the anticancer effects of chamomile.

How to Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman chamomile essential oil is accessible in health stores and online. It can be diffused by using diffuser, applied to the skin topically and taken internally. Here are some simple traditions to use Roman chamomile oil:

  • To clash anxiety and depression, diffuse 5 drops, or inhale it directly from the bottle.
  • To get better digestion and leaky gut, concern 2–4 drops topically to the abdomen. When thinned with carrier oil like coconut oil, it can still be used in low quantity for children with colic and diarrhea.
  • For a soothing sleep, diffuse chamomile oil next to bed, massage 1–2 drops onto the temples or breathe in it directly from the bottle.
  • To help cool children, diffuse Roman chamomile oil at home or weaken 1–2 drops with coconut oil and apply the combination topically to the area of require (such as the temples, stomach, wrists, back of neck or bottoms of the feet).
  • To utilize as a home medication for acne, treat a variety of skin circumstances and combat the symbols of aging, add 2–3 drops to a clean cotton ball and apply chamomile oil to the area of need, or include 5 drops to a face wash. If you have very susceptible skin, weaken chamomile with carrier oil before applying it topically.
  • To encourage heart health, apply 2–4 drops topically over the heart or may take internally by placing it under the tongue.
  • To relieve nausea, breathe in Roman chamomile directly from the bottle, or unite it with ginger, peppermint and lavender oil and diffuse. It can also be used topically on temples to assist with nausea.

When you are going to use any essential oil internally, only use very premium oil brands that are 100 percent pure rank and prepared by a reputable and trustworthy company.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Precautions

As Roman chamomile oil is an emmenagogue, which shows that it motivates blood flow in the pelvic area, so it should not be used during pregnancy. When you use chamomile oil internally, perform it for up to two weeks at a time and use only the premier quality essential oil.