Strengthen Dry, Damaged Hair with A DIY Hair Mask At Home

DIY Hair Mask

Usually we drop about 50-100 strands a day, and up to 250 on days when we shower. At era, unluckily, a lot of people lose hair at a higher rate, which directs to thinning of hair. It can occur to anyone men and women at any age, since of a range of reasons such as pregnancy, major surgeries, severe stress, radical weight loss, genes, confident medications, autoimmune sickness, and unnecessary styling, etc.

What You Can Do To Strengthen Hair?

Fortunately, there is profusion of natural hair loss medicine that can excite growth and thicken hair. A protein-rich hair mask is an effective natural therapy to put in power and shine to your hair.

Today, I am going to share my experience with you two protein rich DIY hair mask recipes that can provide strength hair naturally. Both of these two masks make use of eggs & hair-nourishing oils that will abscond your tresses soft, smooth & fantastic shiny!

There is no rationalization for purchasing a $ 30 bottle of magic-protein-potion when in your fridge there are a dozen of eggs and kitchen is filled of ingredients that can promote and offer strength your hair. So, why not immediately combine a little up when required? The big benefit is that you’ll know accurately what’s in your (100% natural) DIY hair mask!

Homemade Hair Masks To Strengthen Damaged, Dry Hair

Let us primary understand what does our hair require?  They need Iron, fats, protein, and biotin. Protein is the most important player here. Hair is really made up of 91% protein. A protein-rich mask can assist fill in some spoiled, weakened areas of your strands and so assist reconstruct.

Hair Strengthening Mask # 1

If you are looking for dry hair medication then try this natural hair mask. It carries almond milk and coconut oil, which can permeate life into your dry hair. And the protein of egg whites will give strength and shine to your hair.

Advantages of the Ingredients

Egg White: provides almost all required protein and approximately all the other nutrients which are needed to nourish injured hair and weak hair ends. For instance, egg white holds riboflavin (B2) and lack of this vitamin is connected to hair loss. Egg white also carries the majority of the sulfur content of eggs, and sulfur is also a widespread ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos.

Coconut Oil: One of the most effortlessly absorbed oils for hair. Because of its low molecular weight, it can simply go through inside the hair shaft, building it very successful for moisturizing hair and renovate hair damage. It’s loaded in lauric acid, and has a far above the ground affinity for hair protein as well.

Almond Milk: It’s wealthy in protein, which is good quality for strengthening hair and dropping breakage. It holds a far above the ground amount of iron, which is also huge for strengthening hair and avoiding hair loss. The attendance of fatty acids, in almond milk, prepares it appropriate for bottomless conditioning hair and encouraging softness. It also assists tame flyways and tightly curled hair. extra nutrients in almond milk comprise potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B, D & E, all of which are first-class for hair giving strength and softening.

Rosemary Essential Oil: It’s first-class for your scalp and accentuates hair color and gives shine.


To prepare this mask you have to need following ingredients.

(i) Egg White: 3-4 tablespoons

(ii) Coconut oil: 1-2 tablespoons

(iii) Almond Milk: 4-5 tablespoons

iv) Rosemary Essential Oil: 8 drops (optional)


(i) combine all the ingredients well. Beat the combination until you get a smooth mixture of homogeneous consistency.

(ii) You can regulate the quantities according to volume of your hair.

(iii) Be relevant it to damp, towel dried hair. Focal point the majority of the mask on your hair ends; work it up through your hair.

(iv) Put your hair in a bread roll and cover it with a shower cap.

(v) Depart the mask in for 15-20 minutes, then clean it out methodically with cool water and then rinse your hair with shampoo as usual.

(vi) You don’t require using conditioner. For best results use the mask twice a week and obtain a renewed life in your dry hair.

Some Natural Beauty Tips for Your Hair

(i) Trim your ends frequently.

(ii) Make use of a wide-tooth comb for detangling.

(iii) Never, ever comb or brush your hair while it’s soaked

(iv) Limit or stay away from all together heat styling tools.

(v) Sleep with your hair braided.

Hair Strengthening Mask # 2

For injured and over-processed hair, protein-rich egg mask is a nature’s sensation. It smoothes dented cuticles to bring back hair strength and shine.

Advantages Of The Ingredients

Whole Egg: This mask holds egg yolk also. I have affirmed above the reimbursement of egg white for hair. Egg yolk is affluent in vitamins that may construct hair more resistant to harm. The yolk may be particularly functional to moisturize hair that comes into view dry. Egg yolk can be fabulous food for your hair because of the unique amalgamation of vitamins found inside. Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate are just some of the nutrients that are excellent for hair growth and healthy hair.

Coconut Oil:  advantages as stated above in the first recipe.

Olive Oil: It has prosperous moisturizing characteristics that make it perfect for employ on your hair. Olive oil assists your hair to give the impression of being healthier, stronger and shinier.

Honey: Honey is a humectants; it attracts and contains moisture, which prepares it a first-class choice for damaged or dry hair. It has antimicrobial qualities that create it an effective cleanser.

Banana: Banana gets better manageability, controls dandruff, gives miniaturization scalp and also aids repair dry, sun-damaged hair. It’s loaded in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins, which facilitate soften the hair and look after the hair’s natural elasticity, avoiding split ends and breakage. It’s occupied of vitamins and is one of the large amount effective ingredients to strengthen and gives volume to hair.


To make this amazing mask you have to need following ingredients.

(i) Egg: 1, whole egg

(ii) Coconut Oil: 1 tablespoon, organic

(iii) Olive Oil: 1 tablespoon, extra virgin

(iv) Honey: 1 tablespoon, organic

(v) Banana: Fully ripe, ½

(iv) Water: 2 ounces

How To Prepare Protein Rich Mask At Home And Use On Your Dry, Damaged Hair?

(i) Beat together all the ingredients, not including banana. When prepared, add the mashed fully ripe ½ banana and blend until you obtain smooth mixture.

(ii) Apply the mask on to the strands, in anticipation of all the strands are methodically coated.

(iii) Cover up your hair with a shower cap and permit the combination to sit on the hair for 15 minutes.

(iv) Systematically wash out. Follow up with an apple cider vinegar wash, if needed, to eliminate the entire hair mask.