Tips for Faster and Healthier Growth of Nails

How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

Healthy clean nails are an indication of an overall state of vigor and heartiness and some of the earliest signs of few diseases become visible on our nails. Apart from health, manicured nails with a clean clip reflect the overall personality and grooming of an individual as well.

As far as women are concerned, nails are an important part of their aesthetic brush up. Beauty regimes have taken nail care to an all-new artistic level with innumerable creative designs. Apart from regular salons, specific salons and nail spas are fixing your nails to suit your style.

However, all these nail salons are of no use if you do not have a healthy nail growth. Even nail extensions will not glue if you do not have a healthy nail bed. Here are some nails tips which would help your nails grow faster and stronger, without any break offs or fragmentation.

1. Nail Hardeners

Your nail growth is hampered if they are too soft and are prone to repeated breakages, in such a case you do not have any option but to cut them back. Experts advice is to apply nail hardening solutions, which are liquids similar to nail polishes but without color. Though a temporary solution, nail hardeners are the best solution if you have a deadline for some function.

2. Massage with olive or almond oil

Massaging with almond, olive or coconut oil strengthens the base of the nails. Make sure to include the nail cuticles. Massage increases the blood circulation to the nail bed, delivering essential nutrients to the growing nails.

3. Application of garlic

An old Asian remedy, garlic is said to strengthen the nails via mechanisms not known. If you can tolerate the smell of garlic then it is advised to make a paste out of two garlic cloves and apply it thoroughly to your nails and cuticles, leaving it overnight. Wash it with warm water and baby shampoo to wipe the smell. Garlic is observed to leave your nails strong and pink within few days.

4. Vinegar may help

Soaking your nails in vinegar is another effective remedy for strong and shiny nails. For an effective application, immerse your nails in a bowl filled with vinegar for 3-5 minutes. Do not wash your nails immediately afterward but simply pat dry.

5. About nail-extensions and nail lacquer

Nail experts advise against the use of nail extensions and nail polishes for extended periods, the reason being these artificial and synthetic applications block the oxygen supply of the nails from the air. As a result, the nails take on a yellowish tinge and easily break.

If you are really an avid nail polish fan, remove any nail polish within 24-hours of applying. Secondarily, do not use cheap products containing toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Choose a water-based nail lacquer, which is available in numerous shades and are toxin-free.

6. Dietary recommendations

The structural unit of nails is a type of protein, consisting of layers of keratin. A good source of animal proteins should be part of a daily diet for an accelerated nail growth. Many cases of decelerated nail growth are attributed to nutritional deficiencies.

Another fair factor that helps nail growth is biotin, a kind of B vitamin. Researchers have observed and stated that an intake of 2.5 mg of biotin daily improves the nail strength within few weeks. Some fair natural dietary sources of biotin are eggs, nuts, nut butter, sardines, whole grains, soy, bananas, and mushrooms.

7. Adopt good grooming practices

At the end of the day, clean and hygienic practices with simple and neatly cut nails have always been in fashion. Apart from fashion, well-kept nails are always the fastest to grow with less breakage. Always cut your nails with sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Cut them straight across and file the edges smooth. Keep nails dry and moisturized at all times. Quit bad habits as nail biting and picking the cuticles with teeth. This can lead to infection and complications as severe as swelling, bleeding and separation of nails from the nail bed.

To keep nails healthy and growing at a vigorous rate, taking care of your nutrition and specific grooming of nails can go a long way regarding beautiful exterior of your hands.