Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is rising fast in the world, both the developed and developing countries. The disease has no set barriers for age or sexes either, affecting everyone alike. Though there are some risk factors, about which you cannot do much as family history, genetics or race, there are some that can be changed for better. But why bother at all, well look at the figures;

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the latest report released in 2017 state

  • “An estimated 30.3 million people of all ages or 9.4% of the U.S. population had diabetes in 2015 ”
  • “This total included 30.2 million adults aged 18 years or older (12.2% of all U.S. adults), of which 7.2 million (23.8%) were not aware of or did not report having diabetes”
  • “An estimated 23.1 million people or 7.2% of the U.S. population had diagnosed diabetes”

The good news is that diabetes is preventable; only if it is in prediabetes stage and then some major life-changing alterations are carried out.  

“A seminal study demonstrated that intensive lifestyle modification reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 58 percent, as compared to a 31 percent risk reduction achieved with the ant diabetes drug Metformin

Therefore, if you do not want to become one of the data figures or want to save your loved ones from falling prey to this debilitating disease, here are some precautionary tips to avoid this unnecessary strain on your body.

1. Let go of some fat

Overweight and obesity, a high waist to hip ratio, a high BMI, belly fat are all warning signs indicating prediabetes or the disease itself. Studies have shown that losing a kg reduces the risk for diabetes by 16%.

2. Say yes to a low-calorie diet

Swap calorie-dense meals with nutrient-rich diets with low glycemic index. This would include a lot of vegetables (which grow above the ground), fresh fruits, lean proteins and good fat sources like olive oil, nuts, and legumes, beans and lentils.

The processed food items and simple sugars are a big NO. These are loaded with salt, sugars, fats and extra calories.

3. Keep hydrated

Keeping your hydration levels in accordance with your activity level and switching to plain water instead of sodas and other sugar-laden will save you lots of extra calories and some pennies.

4. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Smokers have double the risk of developing diabetes than non-smokers while too much of alcohol can increase the triglyceride levels and overall weight. Quitting the former and cutting back on the latter will add quality years to your lifespan.

5. Move it or lose it

The saying is true for physical activity and muscle to build up but it also holds true for diabetes, taking up some kind of exercise regime is an absolute essential for managing diabetes or you lose the fight with diabetes.

6. Pay off the sleep debt

If you are in a habit of sleeping late, then it is time to change that. Sleeping late at night creates a sleep debt that cannot be covered even if you sleep the entire day afterward. This results in a hormonal turbulence, which can lead to uncalled for weight gain and diabetes.

7. Keep stress at bay

Stress creates a situation of fight or flight mechanism, causing a drain on body sugar stores. This might actually help you lose some weight but in the end, the stress hormone cortisol initiates a cascade of reactions that disturbs other hormones, including insulin.

8. Keep the appointments

Try not to miss any appointments with your general practitioner to keep a check on your blood sugar levels. The signs and symptoms of diabetes are less prominent and take time to become clinically evident. If you are regular in your check-ups, an early detection of prediabetes or diabetes will not be missed.